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A subject matter expert with a few different clients on the go at any one time. This individual brings deep expertise, far reaching contacts and up to the minute insights from best in class brands all over the world. The benefit of hiring a consultant is to gain strategic input, to challenge your thinking, gain connections you couldn’t otherwise achieve, and to guide your internal team/s to achieve new goals or drive change.


The temporary supply of an experienced business leader/manager who can manage an organisation through a period of change or transformation, provide stability to a business following the sudden departure of a senior leader, or provide a highly specialised skill set which a business may not have internally.


An organisation may choose to pursue the interim management route because the role in question is not a permanent position or a permanent executive/manager cannot be found fast enough. Interim managers are typically hired for three to nine months and help organisations who are undergoing major change, trying to implement a critical strategy or are looking to plug a critical management gap.


  • Speed

  • Experience

  • Results

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Objectivity, Delivery